Matthew Bunner, LPC, NCC, LPC

I help my clients in a warm, empathic, and confidential manner. Life can be difficult, uncertain, and overwhelming at times requiring support. I help individuals develop adaptive coping skills, regain direction, live healthier, and find hope.

My professional strengths and experience in counseling allows me to be of most service to those who are experiencing overwhelming emotions and distress.


I utilize evidence based theories and counseling techniques to help children, adolescents, and adults in Individual and/or Family sessions.

I have experience in working with people experiencing issues with: Anxiety, Anger, Body Image Issues, Depression, Disordered Eating, Gender Issues, Obsessive & Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Parenting Issues, PTSD, Sexuality Issues (LGB), and Trauma. I look forward to explore how I may be helpful. (Email is the most efficient way to establish contact

Ambre Bricker, MSW, LGSW


I am a Generalist Therapist who aims to provide an environment of support; where the patient can be authentic while exploring the complex  past experiences and choices that brought them to the present issue.  An existential humanistic approach is taken to understand the individual and what influences their perspectives and decisions.

Mindfulness and CBT techniques will be utilized to assist patients with being present, active participants in developing novel ways of coping and thinking about situations.  SFBT (solution focused) strategies will also be used for setting goals, along with Strengths Based approaches to draw on an individual’s virtues to overcome obstacles and progress in life.

My experience has been primarily working with adults to recover from trauma, as well as complicated grief. However, I am open to and have experience providing therapy to adolescents and children, as well as individuals living with both physical and mental disabilities.



Elisabeth Beardsley MSW, LICSW


I'm a Therapist working with client with anxiety and depression, specializes in populations with self- harming behaviors and also with clients on the autism spectrum.


I borrow from Gestalt theory

and practices of role reversal role play, and authentic professional relationships with clients.

DBT CBT techniques are used to help clients reduce then eliminate self harm when that symptom presents.

Transactional analysis is also used

to help adults and children have

appropriate boundaries and positive relationships,Therapist also uses Jungian Sandtray to understand clients' perspectives more clearly.

CBT and DBT are also used for treating more common diagnosis of anxiety and depression 

Anna M.Butcher, MS, PLSW


 I am a provisionally licensed social worker. I enjoy working with a variety of clients, however I have worked mostly with juvenile females.

I believe everyone is capable of creating the life they desire. I help clients get oriented towards their chosen path through the use of goal setting and life skills. 


 I enjoy helping clients cope with trauma. I tend to use mindfulness techniques and relaxation techniques that draw on aspects of a strengths-based approach to helping clients deal with difficult situations in their lives.